About us

Knowledge is Power

Northwestern Ontario Medical is an Ontario leader in the Northwest for basic and advanced courses through Heart & Stroke and Red Cross as well as medical sales including Automated External Defibrillators.

As Northwestern Ontario’s largest training provider of first aid training with our training center located in Dryden Ontario allows us to offer standardized training from instructors who are or have extensive backgrounds in EMS or Nursing. Our amazing staff will guide you through the training with experience and will help you understand what it is needed in case you are ever in a situation where the training will be needed in helping others in crisis.

We offer basic, advanced first aid, CPR & AED training through Heart & Stroke and Red Cross standardized training. We also offer ACLS, BLS, EFR, Narcan, ASIST, O2 & Airway management and we offer children-specific training such as Home alone or Baby sitting for ages ranging from 10 to 16.

Our Commitment

Incredible Customer Service

Standardized training for both Heart & Stroke and Red Cross

Hands on training with safe stations and anatomy correct equipment for realistic training and reduced risks

Instructors and Employees will be offered a safe space with appropriate social distancing guidelines

We work with the costumers and companies to work with their schedule to limit time off and limit costs

Provide a variety of medical equipment and supplies we stand behind and support